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Quintara Tucker (she/her) is a highly sought after Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), International Behavior Analyst (IBA), Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA), Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS), doctoral learner, author, speaker, and CEO who prides herself on changing the lives of children and supporting professionals in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Quintara has years of experience working with individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the public school, clinic, and home settings.​ 


Quintara's passion includes staff training and coaching, and as a result, led her to author two Staff Training Manuals that are used to train staff working in special education classrooms worldwide. Quintara skillfully approaches training staff as a black woman using a multicultural sensitive and compassionate stance. Through her very own consulting business, QB Consulting, LLC, Quintara possesses a demonstrated history of conducting professional development and continuing education presentations that aim to support staff and other professionals in their current roles in education.  


​In addition to her clinical and professional work, Quintara also co-founded a small business with her sister titled ABA Sissyahs, LLC that provides current ABA students and professionals with the support, mentorship, and supervision required to become certified at either of the tiered levels of BACB certification. Quintara is also the face behind the aesthetically pleasing Instagram page and YouTube channel @themysticalanalyst where she uses her platform to create relatable content, discuss uncomfortable topics, and empower Black clinicians in ABA. ​ 


Quintara is an award-winning volunteer, serves on the alumni board of her undergraduate alma mater, and is an alumni mentor for first-generation college students of color. Quintara frequently speaks at university events encouraging undergraduate students to become compassionate, ethical, thought-leaders in the field of ABA.

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