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Laurie K., Instructional Aide

New Jersey

I really enjoyed the training manual. There is so much good information in it. I love that I now have a go to manual when I need it. The live in-person training that Quintara conducted was engaging, fun, and informative. Everyone enjoyed the comfortable and safe space she provided for us to learn and share our experiences. 

Donna P., Instructional Aide

New Jersey

This training manual is invaluable as an instructional assistant. The manual gave me a quick and easily understandable explanation of many of the terms that are constantly used in my daily classroom setting. It also is a quick reference guide and confidence builder as each day progresses. It will be a help to those living the passion of working in the field of special education. A must read! 

Deb L., Paraprofessional


This manual was extremely helpful for me. As a brand new paraprofessional, it was something that helped me understand working in a school setting and working with special needs students. The language used was easy and understandable - it felt like I was just having a conversation with Quintara.
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