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When working in a school or just learning the ins and outs of advocating for your child, the lingo and jargon can be challenging. I have created a list of common words, acronyms and phrases and defined them using lay terms. 

AAC: (Augmentative Alternative Communication) any form of communication that is not vocal speech. Can include sign language, picture exchange systems 


ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder


ASL: American Sign Language


BCBA/BA/BC: Board Certified Behavior Analyst


BIP: Behavior Intervention Plan


CST: Child Study Team


DTT/ITT: Discrete Trial Teaching; Intensive Teaching Trials


FBA: Functional Behavior Assessment


IEP: Individualized Education Plan


NET: Natural Environment Teaching


OT: Occupational Therapy


PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System


PT: Physical Therapy


SAP: Skill Acquisition Plan


SLP: Speech and Language Pathologist


TES: Token Economy System


VB-MAPP: Verbal Behavior Milestones and Assessment Placement Program

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