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May 2024 Newsletter

I wanted to take the time to personally thank all of you for your support, motivation, and encouragement as I embark on this new business-owning journey. Since we last spoke, a few things have been going on that I wanted to share with the QB Family!



On April 26, 2024, I attended and presented at the New Jersey Association for Behavior Analysis (NJABA) conference. I have also been recently appointed as NJABA's Events Co-Chair on the Board of Directors.


On May 25-27, 2024 I attended and presented at the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) (the largest behavior-analytic conference in the field). I presented on the topic of cultural humility and was able to share some personal experiences in addition to contingency analyses and applications.


In case you missed the presentation at ABAI, you can catch it online June 1st at 3:00PM EST. Register with the QR code below or by clicking this link

ABA Verzus

I have also been working tirelessly to advocate for Black voices in the field of behavior analysis. I have recently become a member of ABA Verzus, a team that believes in creating vibrant experiences that redefine community engagement in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  


I continue to work on my PhD coursework and will be finishing up my first residency in a few weeks. I have also recently accepted an Assistant Instructor position at my current university, Capella University, where I will be teaching behavior analysis to current graduate students. If you know me, you know teaching at the collegiate level has always been a dream of mine, so this is just the beginning! 

Content Creation

In the realm of content creation, I have created a YouTube Channel, The Mystical Analyst, where I vlog my professional experiences and provide up-and-coming BCBAs with tips on navigating independent business ownership.


I continue to also create real and relatable content on Instagram @themysticalanalyst. Follow me!

Upcoming Events

I will be speaking at the Women in Behavior Analysis (WIBA) Conference in July 2024. Register here with my official presenter link!


I will also be presenting at The BIG Behavior Analytic Tech Conference and Annual Gathering Event in September 2024. Register here!


For all updates and more photos, visit my digital gallery!

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